Get Creative With Your Senior Pet

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Happy senior pet month, CHS Supporters!

Today on the blog we’re having some fun! We’ve raided the Humane Education cupboards and stolen all their best craft supplies. We’re ready to get creative!

One question that comes up at the shelter from time to time is how families can make some special memories with their senior pets while those pets are still healthy and an important part of the family. We think this is a GREAT idea, especially for families with kids. So today on the blog we’re bringing you some suggestions on making special memories with your pet when you’re caught inside on a snow day. (more…)

Cat-tastic summer art projects for kids!

summer art projectsGood morning, CHS supporters!

Summer is officially here! That means kids will be out of school soon and looking for something to do. Today on the blog, we’re bringing you two cat-tastic summer art projects for the whole family to enjoy!  (more…)

Kids and Petsitting Part 1: Considerations


Kids and Petsitting Part 1 Considerations

Happy Wednesday, CHS Supporters!

Also, welcome to spring!! WOOHOO! Here at the shelter our furry residents are overjoyed to hear that summer is well on the way. In fact, I saw quite a few shelter dogs carefully inspecting the grass by our fire hydrants for signs of turning green… at least that’s what they told me they were doing (I have my doubts).

Today on the blog, we’re talking about childhood entrepreneurship… the ins and outs of kids and petsitting!

If you are like many of our shelter staff, you probably remember starting some sort of a business as a child. For many of the staff at CHS (and we’re guessing our supporters too) that childhood business involved petsitting. Who doesn’t want to get paid to play with some adorable dogs and cats?! (On a related note – we are currently hiring adults who would like to get paid to care for some adorable dogs and cats, so check out our postings if you want to keep that childhood dream alive!)

While petsitting can be a great way for children to learn responsibility (and make a few extra dollars), there are definitely some considerations to make before putting up the posters…


Advertising Safety (more…)

Awesome Animal Books for Kids!

Awesome Animal Books for Kids!

Looking for some spring reading?

Today on the blog we’re bringing you something just a little different… a reading list! That’s right, we dug through our bookshelves to bring you just a few of our very favourite animal-related kids books.

The Rainbow FishThis captivating children’s tale emphasizes the importance of sharing and kindness. This beautifully illustrated book is sure to be a hit with your little ones.

Oh the Pets You Can Get!This fun-filled book by Dr. Seuss takes you to the wonderland land of Gerpletz where they know all about caring for pets! Learn more about how to care for companion animals with fun rhymes and illustrations. Even better? The book includes a visit to an animal shelter!

Memoirs of a GoldfishThis tell-all tale of a goldfish is sure to bring out some giggles. Goldfish gets tired of sharing his bowl with so many friends… but is the solitary life really for him? Find out!

Smelly BillSmelly Bill loves to stink! Will Great Aunt Bleach finally thwart Bill’s smelly ways?

Pete the Cat: I Love My White ShoesSometimes you gotta roll with the punches. Join Pete the Cat as he encounters life’s little changes and learns to look on the bright side.

Before You Were MineA great story for children with adopted pets at home, this tale features the wonderings of a young child with a new pet. What happened to the pet before they joined a new family? Why did they need a new family? This book encourages great conversations around animal welfare and empathy for everyone involved.

Don’t Lick the Dog! Combining great safe animal handling advice with fun rhymes and colourful graphics, this book is a great choice for kids and adults to enjoy together.

The LoraxAnother book by Dr. Seuss makes the list! The Lorax has been made into a movie as well, and it’s message about environmental conservation is important for children of all ages to hear.

Moving DayJoin hermit crab on his search for a new home! This lighthearted book filled with funny pictures makes it both a fun and quick read. Will hermit crab find a good new home? Only time will tell!

Carnivores and carrots… An indoor feline salad bar project for kids

Carnivores and carrots… An indoor feline salad bar project for kids

Involving young children in the care of a pet can sometimes be a challenge, yet finding a way for small children to care for animals also provides tremendous benefits in terms of the development of empathy, compassion and respect for all living things.

For older kids, taking part in the daily care of a pet can be very rewarding, but sometimes it’s fun to take a break from scooping all that poop to create a fun project that your pet friend will love.

Today on the blog, we’re bringing you a fun project for kids (and adults!) of all ages… the kitty salad bar! (We also have some cool facts about why cats have to eat meat).

Expert hint: We are talking about cats today, but you can replace the plants with species-appropriate options to create an indoor salad bar for just about any type of pet.

What?! A cat salad bar?!


Kids Blog Spotlight Challenge

Kids Blog Spotlight Challenge

Good Morning CHS Supporters! We hope you are LOVING this beautiful March weather! We sure are!

Today on the blog we are very excited to bring you a BRAND NEW feature that we have NEVER tried before…


The CHS Kids Blog Spotlight Challenge!!!!!!!!!

That’s right! As you may already know, March is Kids and Animals month on the blog, and we’re putting the kids in charge! If you are under the age of 18, love the CHS and would like to see YOUR pet featured on our blog, we want to hear from you!


How can you get involved? Three easy steps… (more…)

Guinea Pigs as a Child’s Pet: Yay or Nay?

Several things to consider before becoming a guinea pig pet parent.

Happy March, CHS Supporters!

Ahh March, time to plan out the garden, especially with spring making a surprise early appearance this year. March is a month for all things rabbit, but we will also bring you some fun features on adorable pocket pets to celebrate this month devoted to little critters.

At Calgary Humane Society one of the most common species we are asked about is the (undeniably adorable) guinea pig! These captivating little critters are about the size of a potato but sweet as jellybeans! Guinea pigs are playful and interactive pets known for their fun vocalizations, including chirps, wurbles and even purrs!

This led us to the most obvious topic for today’s blog… Are guinea pigs a good pet for children?

Guinea pigs are typically a popular thought when it comes to children’s pets for a number of reasons. Today, we are busting some common guinea pig myths and looking at a few of the reasons that a parent might consider a guinea pig for a pet.