Carnivores and carrots… An indoor feline salad bar project for kids

Carnivores and carrots… An indoor feline salad bar project for kids

Involving young children in the care of a pet can sometimes be a challenge, yet finding a way for small children to care for animals also provides tremendous benefits in terms of the development of empathy, compassion and respect for all living things.

For older kids, taking part in the daily care of a pet can be very rewarding, but sometimes it’s fun to take a break from scooping all that poop to create a fun project that your pet friend will love.

Today on the blog, we’re bringing you a fun project for kids (and adults!) of all ages… the kitty salad bar! (We also have some cool facts about why cats have to eat meat).

Expert hint: We are talking about cats today, but you can replace the plants with species-appropriate options to create an indoor salad bar for just about any type of pet.

What?! A cat salad bar?!


Guinea Pigs as a Child’s Pet: Yay or Nay?

Several things to consider before becoming a guinea pig pet parent.

Happy March, CHS Supporters!

Ahh March, time to plan out the garden, especially with spring making a surprise early appearance this year. March is a month for all things rabbit, but we will also bring you some fun features on adorable pocket pets to celebrate this month devoted to little critters.

At Calgary Humane Society one of the most common species we are asked about is the (undeniably adorable) guinea pig! These captivating little critters are about the size of a potato but sweet as jellybeans! Guinea pigs are playful and interactive pets known for their fun vocalizations, including chirps, wurbles and even purrs!

This led us to the most obvious topic for today’s blog… Are guinea pigs a good pet for children?

Guinea pigs are typically a popular thought when it comes to children’s pets for a number of reasons. Today, we are busting some common guinea pig myths and looking at a few of the reasons that a parent might consider a guinea pig for a pet.