Seeking Public’s Help Identifying Owner of Neglected Dog

February 12, 2016

Calgary, AB — Immediate Release

(Warning: May contain graphic images.)

On Monday, February 8, 2016, a brown and white female dog resembling a Basenji or Bull Terrier type was found running at large in the area of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha school in the community of Abbeydale (1005 Abbotsford Dr. NE). This dog has multiple large masses on her hind end and is in need of surgical intervention.

Brad Nichols, Senior Manager, Animal Cruelty Investigations said, “The condition of this dog is concerning. We need to identify this dog so we can talk to the owner(s) and get a medical history. We encourage the owner(s) to come forward. Anyone who recognizes this dog is asked to report the identity of the owner or the address of residence to Calgary Humane Society by calling (403) 205-4455.”

Press Release dog


Calgary Pet Store Facing Third Set of Charges for Animal Neglect

July 13th, 2015

Calgary, AB — Immediate Release

Riverfront Aquariums, located at 312 Meridian Rd N.E., has been charged under the Animal Protection Act of Alberta this week, marking the third set of charges laid since September 2014.

The most recent charges stem from a June 18 seizure of four animals in medical distress, including a basilisk (lizard), a tree frog and two day geckos. On May 7, an iguana and chameleon in medical distress were seized resulting in a second set of charges.

The string of animal cruelty charges began September 12, 2014 with the seizure of nine rabbits and a bearded dragon, all suffering from neglect.

“It is very concerning to see a business dedicated to the sale of animals charged once, but to see subsequent charges laid demonstrates either an inability or unwillingness to properly care for their animals. A business claiming to be an expert in the care of exotic animals, to me, has a higher expectation of care than a lay person. Store stock, just like a family pet, has the same legislated protection from deprival of basic needs. Whether medical care eats in to profit margins or not, it is a legal obligation” says Brad Nichols, Senior Manager, Animal Cruelty Investigations with Calgary Humane Society.

Wayne WOO, owner of Riverfront Aquariums, is due to appear in Provincial court August 6, August 24 and September 8 on the three sets of charges.

Riverfront Aquariums facing third set of charges.

Protection & Investigations Series Part 2: Medical Neglect

medical neglect

Medical neglect is one of the more complex issues investigated by Calgary Humane Society Peace Officers. CHS has seen a steady increase of cases in recent years: 115 in 2010, 139 in 2011, 149 in 2012 and 192 in 2014.

With a pet, comes the responsibility of providing veterinary care. Annual physical exams are recommended and are a great way to ensure your pet is in good health. Illnesses and other issues are more likely to be caught if you are taking your pet to a vet on a regular basis. (more…)