Senior Owners and their Pets

Senior Owners and their pets

Happy senior pet month, CHS supporters!

As November comes to a close, we wanted to bring you one more entry on senior pet month that isn’t talked about often, but is still very important: How to plan for pets when the owner is a senior.

We have been talking about senior pets all month on the blog, and we hope you’ve gotten a lot of good information. Today; however, we thought it would be important to talk about how we can plan for pets when the owners are seniors/older adults.

Pets can be a WONDERFUL addition to an older adult’s life. Pets provide companionship, exercise, routine and, in some cases, social connections. Older adults with pets often report a greater quality of life due to these benefits and at Calgary Humane Society we LOVE hearing about amazing relationships between senior pets and senior owners. (more…)

We Love Grey Muzzles!

We love Grey Muzzles


Is there anything cuter then a grey muzzle? Yes. Yes there is. Two grey muzzles! Here at Calgary Humane Society we LOVE senior pets and their distinguished salt and pepper look, but have you ever wondered why pets go grey? (more…)

We love senior pets!

senior pets



Hello CHS Supporters!

It is a busy month here at Calgary Humane Society! With a HUGE influx of cats and birds at the shelter, our adoption staff have been working non-stop to help place them all in great homes. If you’ve stopped by the shelter you may have noticed our line-ups are a little longer than usual. We thank you all for your patience!

November is our celebration of senior pets! Adopting a senior pet can be a very rewarding experience, and we have many adopters at CHS who arrive at the shelter specifically in search of a senior animal to bring home. Today on the blog we’re bringing you a Q&A with some of our most popular senior animal adoption topics. (more…)

Senior pets: what are they?


Good morning CHS Supporters!

November marks senior pet month here at Calgary Humane Society! Today on the blog, we’re bringing you a frequently asked question… what makes a pet a senior pet anyway?

Why do we need to know when our animals are considered ‘seniors’?  (more…)