CHS Supporter: Meet Mieke

You may have read about our incredible CHS supporter, Mieke and her event Bark with Bam, in our latest issue of Connecting Lives. We are so grateful to have Mieke’s generous support and to be involved with Bark with Bam each year.

Today we are sharing our full interview with Mieke about how she started volunteering and her history with Calgary Humane Society. Thank you for being an undisputed champion for the animals!

Mieke and Rambo


Recipe For An Awesome CHS Volunteer!

recipe for an awesome volunteer


Good morning CHS Supporters!

All month we are celebrating our volunteers here at the shelter! It’s no secret that volunteers are critical to everything we do… but what goes in to creating these awesome folks?

Today on the blog we bring you…

A Recipe for an Awesome CHS Volunteer! (more…)

Gary Van Meowski Shows his volunteer appreciation



Volunteer Month Gary-72


Hello CHS Supporters!

Well, it was bound to happen. In honor of volunteer month, Gary Van Meowski has decided to… umm… ‘grace’ us with his musical skills once again. While we don’t think you’ll see him on the top 40 countdown any time soon, even we have to admit, the cat has some skills…

Without further adieu, we present:


“My Favorite Things” (Spoiler alert: it’s volunteers)

Shamelessly ripped off by: Gary Van Meowski

They’re scooping the litter and petting the kittens

In winter they walk dogs with warm woollen mittens
Brown paper bunny bags they like to bring
Volunteers are just some of my favorite things!

The dog class assistants help Fido’s behavior
For dishes and laundry they’re simply our saviours
They work really hard and they make our hearts sing
Volunteers are just some of my favorite things!

They come through the hallways and pick up the trashes
They clean up the poop without batting eyelashes
They take part in cleaning to welcome the spring
Volunteers are just some of my favorite things!

When my food’s out, when my bed’s gone
When I’m feeling mad
I simply remember my favorite things
And they make me feel so glad!

They make thank-you phone calls and sort all our papers
They stuff event gift bags and help with fun capers
Without them the hard work we do would sure sting
Volunteers are just some of my favorite things!

They are very fine playmates and good toy inspectors
And we cannot forget our great board of directors
They outfit our kennels so we live like kings
Volunteers are just some of my favorite things!

They’ll be helping at Dog Jog to make things run slickly
While others will help those who feel rather sickly
They do all the hard work the shelter can bring
Volunteers are just some of my favorite things!

When my food’s out, when my bed’s gone
When I’m feeling mad
I simply remember my favorite things
And they make me feel so glad!



Wiggles + Co: Week 8

Wiggles & Co

Wiggles came into the CHS as a transfer from a rescue in the Yukon – young, scared and pregnant. Knowing the best environment for a mama dog to give birth and raise puppies is in a home situation, our Foster Coordinator quickly began her search for the perfect temporary home for the small white dog. Long-time foster parent Susan (and occasional CHS blog contributor!) offered her home and will be caring for the pooch family for the next several weeks. She will be documenting her foster adventure in a weekly series, Wiggles & Co. Check out Wiggle’s firstsecondthird, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh weeks in foster!


The tears fell……

Wiggles struggled more each day – she wanted her babies to be playmates and they just were not big enough so she was getting a little too rough.  She wanted more attention and would insert herself between me and whatever puppy I was playing with or holding at the time. Even worse was how much they were actually hurting her when they nursed.  She was weaning them slowly but when she had to feed them she would whimper while they suckled.

As the puppies were getting bigger and moving around so much they also needed more daily socialization than I could give them as a single person.  (more…)

April Volunteer Spotlight: Behavior Class Assistant


Volunteer Month behaviour assistant



What do you get when you combine between eight to eighteen excited owners with their canine sidekicks in one classroom? Chaos without the help of our amazing Behavior Class Assistants!

April is Volunteer Month on the blog and today we bring you the inside scoop on volunteering with Calgary Humane Society by profiling a few of our fun, fabulous and unique volunteer roles!

If you have ever been to one of our many CHS training classes (we offer over 20 each week!), you may have met one of our volunteer Behavior Class Assistants! These faithful volunteers can often be found assisting with all aspects of a class. Volunteer Tiffany has been a behavior class assistant for about 7 months and describes her role as including:

“I distract dogs so that owners/clients can focus [on what is being taught], observe clients during activities and reiterate class exercises. I also calm and reassure clients and their dogs, clean up after class and provide water bowls for thirsty pups.”

Calgary Humane Society’s behavior classes are designed to be as interactive as possible. In addition to the responsibilities above, our volunteers can also be found providing visual demonstrations or role-playing training scenarios with our trainers and providing one on one help during practice time. These tasks are essential to creating a calm and structured learning environment during class time. To help reduce distractions, our volunteers are also sometimes tasked to deal with “puppy poop mishaps” or pooch “puddles” that happen during class time. (more…)

April Volunteer Spotlight: Corporate Volunteers


Volunteer Month Corporate Volunteers

Good Morning CHS Supporters!

We hope you are having a fabulous April so far! We are having an awesome time with volunteer appreciation month here at the shelter!

Today on the blog, we are bringing you a few details about our corporate volunteer program!

At Calgary Humane Society it is no secret that we LOVE our volunteers! In fact, we couldn’t do our work without them! In just one year our volunteers do the work of about 40 positions at the shelter – that’s a whole lot of time! Whether it is walking dogs, helping in animal health or doing dishes, our volunteers make the world go round.

In addition to our regular volunteers, we are often also lucky enough to play host to some awesome corporate groups that come in to the shelter to volunteer as a ‘team-building’ type event. We have had many corporate groups in over the years and they are always incredibly helpful to us. (more…)

April Volunteer Spotlight: Dog Walking Edition!

Volunteer m

Good morning CHS supporters! Welcome to April!

We hope you enjoyed the long weekend and had lots of fun with both two- and four-legged friends and family members!

April is volunteer month here on the blog, so we will be bringing you a sneak peek behind the scenes of some of our volunteer roles. If there is a volunteer role or something related to volunteering that you would like to have us cover, please email or share it in our Facebook group! We will try to cover as many of your ideas as we can!

Today we are looking at one of our most popular volunteer roles: Dog Walking! (more…)