Take it Outside: Hiking with Fido

Fido Outside

It’s almost fall and you want to enjoy this perfect season with you furry four legged friends. There are many off-leash parks in the Calgary area but what about going hiking?

The Bragg Creek area is a great place to take your dog on a hike close to Calgary, whether you are going on a short or long trail there are few things to consider when taking your dog hiking with you.


1. Remember that a trail that isn’t difficult for you could be quiet hard for your dog.

Rocky trail beds can hurt your furry friend paws and stream crossings can be harder for a smaller or fearful dog. Choose your trail wisely, start with shorter and easier trail if your dog isn’t used to long exercises.


2. For your dog’s safety is it highly recommended that you keep your dog on a leash.

You might pass by other people with their dogs so having your dog on a leash is essential to protect your dog from other dogs and wildlife, as well as to prevent him from running away.


3. Always bring water, a bowl, dog food and snack.

Your dog is just like you he or she needs breaks, food and water to recuperate. It’s important to keep your dog hydrated because of their coat of fur dog can easily overheat. Be attentive to signs of dehydration or exhaustion.


4. Make sure your dog has his ID tag, bring plastic bags to pick up after him or her, and finally pack a basic canine first-aid kit

Your first aid kit should include some of the following essential items: gauze pads and tape in case of cuts, antibiotic cream, animal bug spray. You can also bring bouillon cubes to encourage your dog to drink water in case of dehydration.


Now you are all set to enjoy a hiking day with your furry friend.

To know more about the Bragg Creek’s trails visit their website.