The Big List of Fun Party Ideas for Party for a Purpose

Party with a Purpose is fast approaching! Start planning your party now with our big list of fun party ideas. There’s ideas here for adults, kids, pets, school groups, corporate teams, and everyone in between!

Why not have a…

  1. Movie night
  2. Games night
  3. Wine tasting
  4. BBQ
  5. Birthday party
  6. Lemonade stand
  7. Dinner party
  8. Murder mystery party
  9. Garage sale
  10. Block party
  11. Tailgate party
  12. Craft night
  13. Karaoke party
  14. Corporate lunch
  15. Paint night
  16. Brunch
  17. Wing night
  18. Sports day
  19. Sleepover
  20. Bake sale
  21. Luau
  22. Casino night
  23. Spa party
  24. Potluck
  25. Tea party
  26. Ice cream social
  27. Garden party
  28. Ceramic painting party
  29. Pool party
  30. Hot tub party
  31. Costume party
  32. Bridal shower
  33. Family reunion
  34. Wedding
  35. Cookie decorating party
  36. Live music performance
  37. Hiking
  38. Picnic
  39. Yoga/fitness class
  40. Kids playdate
  41. Neighbourhood car show
  42. Baked goods exchange
  43. Baby shower
  44. Tailgate party
  45. Pet fashion show
  46. Cocktail hour
  47. Beer tasting
  48. Toga party
  49. TV show or sports game viewing party
  50. Pizza party

Have another great idea for a party? We’d love to hear about it on your personal fundraising page for Party with a Purpose.

If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for? People all over Alberta are partying for a purpose – to help raise money for our feeding program. Every animal that comes to us has different needs, but every single one requires food. Did you know that Calgary Humane Society fed over 99,000 cups of food to our residents last year? That’s an amount equivalent to the weight of nearly 5.3 hippopotamuses!

Join us for our first annual Party for a Purpose on August 17-19 and invite your friends for a party to remember! Don’t forget to take pictures at your event and submit them to us so that we can share them on our website or social media pages.