Calgary Humane Society is an open admission shelter. This means we never turn away an animal who needs our help.

When they need us, we are there!

It means giving an animal who requires a little extra time or space to recover from medical procedures the time they need.

It means giving an animal who requires extra time or space for behaviour support the time they need.

It means finding the resources needed in order to meet each animal’s unique needs and allowing them to stay as long as it takes to find their forever home.

A donation from you will support our mission: “to help as many animals as we can.” Just like these particular critters who found their way to our shelter for some specialized care…


We were there in their time of need


Meet Dobbie

Dobbie the turtle arrived with some serious medical issues. His owner was treating his illness the best he could, but Dobbie was getting worse and his owner could not continue to care for him. As a Red Eared Slider, Dobbie is a unique turtle because in Alberta it’s illegal to sell Red Eared Sliders, so it is rare for us to see one at the shelter; and they require some unique care as well. Calgary Humane Society staff were happy to open our doors (and tanks) to Dobbie and his needs. After being treated and medically cleared by our vets, finding Dobbie a home wasn’t an easy task for such an exclusive animal. His requirements were specific and finding an adopter with that type of experience took some time but on his 67th day in shelter, Dobbie found his person and went to his forever home!


Meet Goose


Goose was a stray cat who came to Calgary Humane Society on a cold day in November with a severely damaged right eye. Most strays are fearful of humans, but not Goose as he warmed up immediately to staff. Goose went into surgery right away but because the damage to his eye was extensive, his eye had to be removed. For his recovery, Goose was placed with a foster family where he would often keep his foster parents awake telling stories about his past, as Goose was a very vocal cat! Once healed, Goose spent some time with one of our partner veterinary clinics where he was adopted after 52 days. Goose now spends his time sharing all of his stories with his new mom!


Meet Rico


We receive all types of dogs, with all kinds of personalities, and sometimes dogs arrive at our facility who do not get along well with other dogs. In Rico’s case, he was the most loving dog towards humans but preferred to be the only animal around, making him harder to adopt. This sweet adorable boy would spend his days at the shelter visiting with many of the office staff but his challenges with other dogs made it harder to find him a home. After months of waiting an online campaign was started called #SayYesToRico. The campaign worked and after 65 days in shelter, Rico was welcomed into a loving home.


Calgary Humane Society is committed to investing the time and energy for every single animal we care for. It is not always easy and can take some time, which is why your help is so important.

With your generous support we will be able to care for animals for as long as they need to find them their forever family. Thank you for giving animals a second chance at a loving home!

Please help the animals we are caring for today!