More than a Shelter

At Calgary Humane Society, we are more than a shelter. We understand that the only way we can create a future with no more homeless, abused or neglected animals is to create a more compassionate future.

Calgary Humane Society is a multi-service facility dedicated to supporting pet owners and pets from “Hello to Good Bye”.



As Calgary’s only open-admission animal shelter, Calgary Humane Society will never say no or turn an animal away. Animals that arrive at CHS receive world-class care to prepare them so they can say hello to a brighter future. Our incredible foster parents and volunteers allow us to provide extra TLC to the animals that need it most. When a pet is ready to say hello to a forever family our friendly adoption counselors are up to the task and ready to create successful matches using interviews and pet-to-pet interactions.

A Lifetime of Support.

At Calgary Humane Society our commitment to pets does not end with adoption. Post-adoption behavior support, including classes, private consultations and a free behavior help phone line are just some of the services we offer. Looking for some education for the two-legged family members? Our experienced Humane Education team offer birthday parties, in-school programs, field trips, day camps and even corporate lunch-and-learns to bring the message of compassion, empathy and respect for all living things into the Calgary community.

A Lifetime of Safety.

Calgary Humane Society’s Protection and Investigations department is a law enforcement agency appointed by the provincial government to enforce the Alberta Animal Protection Act. When animals are removed from situations of cruelty, abuse, neglect or abandonment they are able to receive top-quality care in our in-house veterinary clinic. Animals requiring exceptional or specialist care are provided for through our Phoenix Fund.


Saying goodbye is never easy. When it is time to say farewell, our compassionate cremations staff are there to help pet owners celebrate the lives of their cherished companions. With more than 30 years in the pet cremation industry, Calgary Humane Society offers premium memorial products and exceptional companion animal cremation services.