The Calgary Humane Society prides itself on its cremation services, and as such is committed to the following Code of Ethics:

  • Every animal, whether general or private cremation, will be treated with compassion and dignity
  • Every animal privately cremated is cremated solely by itself
  • All private cremains (ashes) are that of the owners pet
  • All cremation staff will treat every individual with respect and compassion
  • Any private cremation may be viewed at the start upon request
  • Calgary Humane Society will never compromise integrity, customer service, and compassion for both clients and their pets


Standards of Practice

The Calgary Humane Society prides itself on its Code of Ethics and its Practice Standards. The following is a list of standards that are adhered to at all times:

  • Each animal is placed in a coloured bag: a white bag for private cremation or a black bag for general cremations
  • Each bag will have a tag consisting of the pets name, the owners name, phone number and address, urn choice and special instructions
  • Vet clinics will ensure they maintain a log book of deceased pets leaving their clinic for cremation
  • Calgary Humane Society will issue a signed copy of an invoice for all private cremations from vet clinics
  • Calgary Humane Society cremations staff will issue a copy of an invoice for all general cremations taken from a clinic
  • Private cremation tags are only removed at the time of cremation
  • Upon arriving at the Calgary Humane Society all private cremations are weighed and logged
  • All general cremations are weighed and counted
  • Once a private cremation is performed the time and date are logged again on the owners invoice, log book and tag.
  • The private cremation tag and copy of the invoice are placed with a tray beside the appropriate machine which is also numbered on the paperwork
  • All paperwork pertaining to the pet is kept with the pet throughout the entire cremation process
  • All paperwork pertaining to the cremation may be viewed at any time upon request
  • All cremation records are kept for three years
  • All cremations are completed in a professional and timely manner
  • All customers are treated with dignity, compassion and respect