Did you know that Calgary Humane Society has an on-site retail pet store? All proceeds from store purchases benefit the almost 5,000 homeless animals we care for annually. The Pet Gear Store carefully chooses inventory aimed at: the humane treatment of animals; best practices for training; and adding fun to you and your pet’s time together. Help more animals and save on all your pet needs at the same time!

Purchase a Calgary Humane Society membership ($40/year, $10 senior/year & $250/lifetime), and receive a 15% discount on all of your purchases throughout the year!




Online Store Platform:

Calgary Humane Society has launched our online store platform with both ship-to-home and pickup options. Please visit our online store for all of your pet care needs!

Please note: you must register as a customer before you are able to see prices, add items to your cart, or check-out. To register as a customer, click the lock in the top right-hand corner and select “Register”.


Shopping In-Person:

We offer a variety of products in our physical store not available in our online shop! Please click here to book an appointment to come in and shop with us today! 


Pet Gear Store Curbside Pickup:

In addition to our online store, Calgary Humane Society’s Pet Gear Store is open for in-person visits and curbside pickup for orders placed via email! Purchase the food, litter, toys, and other items your pet(s) need and support the animals at Calgary Humane Society. Click here to learn more or see below!

To submit your order:

  1. Browse through the items in our PDF catalogue. Take note of what you might need or want from the store for your pet.
  2. Email adopt@calgaryhumane.ca to place your order. If you have questions about a product, you can request a call-back from a member of our team. Please include your phone number!
  3. We will give you the total for your order and arrange a time for curbside pickup. You can pay for your order over the phone with a credit card or via e-transfer. All orders must be paid in full prior to pickup.

Thank you for your support! All proceeds from your purchase directly benefit the animals in our care.

Click here for more information, or if you would like to donate to our organization.