After we are fully renovated:

  • We will have segregated species


  • We will have properly-sized enclosures that are modifiable so we can reconfigure them to suit our current population. As an open-admission facility, we never really now what we will have in our shelter tomorrow. This will give us the opportunity to be adaptable.


  • We will have better acoustics for the animals and the ability to control the noise level.


  • We will be able to provide natural lighting for the animals that need it for their health, like our birds and fluorescent lightning will be removed from the animal areas, which is harmful to their health.


  • We will have a better-equipped and more functional veterinary clinic, with separated exam, treatment, surgery and recovery areas. We will also have a maternity and neonatal ward.


  • We will have a proper isolation ward so we can treat the contagious diseases we see, which we have not been able to easily treat in our current facility.


  • We will be better positioned to meet and exceed the standards of care are met for all animals who need us, and ensure that all five freedoms are met. This will result in happier and healthier animals, which in turn means more adoptable animals.


  • We want to ensure the space that is warm and inviting. A place where the pet-owning community can gather (when we are once again able to do so), a place where lives are connected and a place where learning takes place. A place where with animal spaces that really work For Them, as well as for the people who care for them.