For release on Wednesday September 28, 2016.


We are saddened to see Montreal City Council has passed a bylaw banning the new ownership of pitbull and pitbull-type dogs


As per our position statement on Breed Specific Legislation, Calgary Humane Society does not support the banning of any breed of dog and opposes labelling any specific breed as inherently aggressive, vicious or dangerous.


CHS takes the position that each dog must be regarded as an individual and assessed on its specific behaviours. We maintain that rather than breed-specific bans, the required deterrents to dog aggression are responsible breeding, responsible homing, responsible and humane training, and responsible pet ownership.


We have not received any direct requests to take in dogs from the Montreal area but if we do, these requests would be sent to an internal committee, as is the case with any out of province transfer requests. We support our friends at the Montreal SPCA and are there to assist them however needed.




Sage Pullen McIntosh

Senior Manager, Community Relations & Communications