Over the past twelve years, the Board of Directors and the entire Calgary Humane Society team have strategically planned for the necessary building improvements, consulted with experts in the animal welfare sector, and diligently saved to ensure the project could be completed successfully. Operations must be sustainable over the long term.

We decided to renovate and expand our building to ensure we can meet the Society’s goals. We want to continue to be leaders in animal welfare; we want to properly care for the animals who need us, so that every adoptable animal finds a new home; we want to be able to support our community with the resources they need to succeed with their pet; and as we approach our 100th year anniversary, we want to ensure that we can meet the needs of today and tomorrow. We want to celebrate the Society and set it up for for success this year, in 2022, and for the start of the next 100 years.

We are building safe spaces for them.


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We are looking forward to completing this project in the Summer of 2022 – our centennial year!

Thank you to the Government of Alberta for their support through the CHS Community Facility Enhancement Program