As leaders in animal welfare, we felt it was imperative to not just meet that standard of care: we wanted to exceed it and operate under sheltering best practices to the greatest extent possible. There were valiant attempts made to modify processes, introduce new programming and make minor modifications where we could in order to meet these new standards. However due to the facility design, we have been very limited in our ability to actually meet these standards and to meet the changing needs of our community.


Over the past ten years, the Board of Directors and the entire Calgary Humane Society Team have strategically planned for the necessary building improvements, consulted with experts in the animal welfare sector and diligently saved to ensure the project could be completed successfully and operations could be sustainable over the long term.


It is now time to renovate and enhance our building to ensure we are able to meet the goals of the Society. We envision a community where every animal is treated with respect and compassion, where every adoptable animal has a second chance at a loving home and every family has access to the resources and support they need to ensure that their home is the only home their pet has.