Wiggles & Co: Week 1

Wiggles & Co

Wiggles came into the CHS as a transfer from a rescue in the Yukon – young, scared and pregnant. Knowing the best environment for a mama dog to give birth and raise puppies is in a home situation, our Foster Coordinator quickly began her search for the perfect temporary home for the small white dog. Long-time foster parent Susan (and occasional CHS blog contributor!) offered her home and will be caring for the pooch family for the next several weeks. She will be documenting her foster adventure in a weekly series, Wiggles & Co.

I returned my foster kid (Simon the cat) to CHS so he would now be able to move forward in Adoptions . Hang in there Simon, your forever family is coming – you are a pretty cool feline even if you are the poster boy for the term “Cattitude”.

When the next foster list was sent out I joked with Jenn (Jennifer Finnegan, CHS Foster Coordinator) that I wanted the pregnant mom on the list. I was only kidding. “I will take whatever cat you decide to give me me now,” I said.  Jenn has the habit of sending me the nicest cats that turn out to be Divas or Divos. Maybe they just sense that I am a dog person.

Jenn did not take my request as the joke it was intended to be. She met with a fellow CHS member and they decided that Wiggles would be my new foster kid.  Wiggles appeared to be a white German Shepherd, and was very pregnant.  What?  How am I going to handle this?  Even though I work each weekday they assured me that I would be able to handle this. “The mom does all the work so all you have to do is provide a safe, clean environment and lots of love,” they said.

Everything became so clear. I was being programmed for this. It starts with fostering a cat and everything goes smoothly.  Then its “try this little dog” which worked out great. More cats – too easy.  Then it was a mom with nursing kittens. That was way too funny (until I was left alone with the wild and crazy kittens!) I even had a couple of two month old puppies for a short time. Then WHAM:  a pregnant canine.

When I first met Wiggles I was shocked, her dating profile pictures were deceiving. Wiggles is a small, very young, white\cream beauty with big perky ears and has no problem introducing herself. She is the epitome of a love bug. She will sit on your lap with a paw on either side of your neck, head buried under your chin, just enjoying you rubbing and hugging her.  The staff at CHS knew that as soon as I met her I would be a goner. They were right.

When we tried to leave the shelter, that was a whole ordeal – Wiggles knew EVERYBODY and had to say goodbye to each and every person she came across. During her second goodbye to Betty (CHS Admissions Dept.) she asked when Wiggles was due. I was advised she would be delivering in about two weeks or so. Betty said “I don’t think it will be that long looking at how low she is.”  Betty is a wise woman – she was correct on both counts.

I was loaded up with puppy food and a whelping box (designed to protect puppies during birth and very tough to assemble!) and was out at my vehicle with Wiggles.  “Do you ride?”  I asked. “Shotgun” she replied.  She settled into the passenger seat and we set off. The ride was incident free, except for the fact that she somehow reset the controls on the console for the air suspension while I was driving. I still have not got to that chapter in my owner’s manual yet.

We had a wonderful weekend together. It was so nice to have a cuddly companion in the house again. She is a snuggler in bed and a great walker too.  When left alone in the house while I worked the following week, she was great – housetrained and soooo happy to see me. Sure there were some quirks in our relationship but nothing we couldn’t work out. I’m looking forward to spending a couple of weeks bonding before she has her babies.

Wiggles and her pups are currently not available for adoption as they spend the next several weeks growing, bonding and receiving lots of TLC in foster! Stay tuned for more blog posts on their progress in coming weeks! We will also be sure to post when Wiggles and her pups are available for adoption at Calgary Humane!

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