Wiggles + Co: Week 7

Wiggles & Co

Wiggles came into the CHS as a transfer from a rescue in the Yukon – young, scared and pregnant. Knowing the best environment for a mama dog to give birth and raise puppies is in a home situation, our Foster Coordinator quickly began her search for the perfect temporary home for the small white dog. Long-time foster parent Susan (and occasional CHS blog contributor!) offered her home and will be caring for the pooch family for the next several weeks. She will be documenting her foster adventure in a weekly series, Wiggles & Co. Check out Wiggle’s firstsecondthirdfourth, fifth, and sixth weeks in foster!

And just when you think you have settled into a safe, comfortable routine… they keep growing and changing.

I have set up a play area outside of their whelping box for them to move around and play in.  When they hear me or catch sight of me a chorus of yelping begins.  I put in a basket for them to climb on and a tunnel for them to run through – they will chase each other over and through these obstacles as well as wrestle and play with the toys – no matter how big said toys are.

Wiggles joins in but, after stealing all their toys, seems to lose interest.  If I sit in the play area I am also an object to be climbed on as well as nibbled on. My toes are apparently a delicacy.

The pups are eating more of their puppy food/puppy milk mixture and have started eating kibble that has been softened with water – it is like a feeding frenzy. They have started sampling the water from their mother’s water dish but instead usually end up having a bath.

Wiggles spends the whole night with me now and the babes usually sleep throughout the night but as soon as they hear us moving around in the morning they get noisy until they are fed, cuddled and allowed to play in their area for a time.

They are starting to show different traits:  Polar and Chinook are the calmest (if there is such a thing) of the bunch, Dawson is the needy one, while Aurora and Laika are the crazy duo getting into everything. If a puppy is yelping during play, odds are good that Aurora is chewing on it.  Dawson has sometimes put up a fuss when being put to bed for the night so I have held him until he sleeps – Polar has joined in this behavior as well lately. Chinook likes her cuddles with her head under my chin but then she changes that to nibbling on my hair and ears. I thought I would develop a favorite but I have not as they all are becoming unique and adorable in their behaviours.

We are still working on the paper training and are becoming very successful. They just need a little more work in their play area but they are still so young that it will come with time.

Wiggles is starting to demand more and more attention – she deserves it the poor bug. These little guys now collectively outweigh her so it must be exhausting. She lets me handle the bed time “duties” then she curls up beside me on the couch to get her share of attention and cuddles before we go to bed.

She has been a good mom but her young age is becoming more apparent – she wants to play one on one with me and also play fetch in the back yard. The puppies are too small to engage in the kind of play Wiggles enjoys.

Hang in there girl – your time will come!


Aurora + Dawson Week 7
Polar+Chinook week 7

Laika week 7


Wiggles and her pups are currently not available for adoption as they spend the next several weeks growing, bonding and receiving lots of TLC in foster! Stay tuned for more blog posts on their progress in coming weeks! We will also be sure to post when Wiggles and her pups are available for adoption at Calgary Humane!

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