Wiggles + Co: Week 9

Wiggles & Co

Wiggles came into the CHS as a transfer from a rescue in the Yukon – young, scared and pregnant. Knowing the best environment for a mama dog to give birth and raise puppies is in a home situation, our Foster Coordinator quickly began her search for the perfect temporary home for the small white dog. Long-time foster parent Susan (and occasional CHS blog contributor!) offered her home and will be caring for the pooch family for the next several weeks. She will be documenting her foster adventure in a weekly series, Wiggles & Co. Check out Wiggle’s first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth weeks in foster!

Wiggles recovered very well from having her puppies but I’ve got to tell you, her foster parent is pooped!

We left her babies at CHS on a Friday afternoon – she slept soundly all that night.  The next few days she wanted to search my garage, vehicle and puppy carrying cage quite a number of times as her “milk glands” slowly started to fill up.  She did not want to go for a walk or even spend a lot of time outside, preferring to sleep and have a lot of chest\belly rubs.  Her milk glands were bigger than the rest of her body, and she was uncomfortable.  I used a hot water bottle and switched off to an ice pack when she accepted it.

It took a week for her body to shrink and each day she became a little more active.  She also wanted to cuddle a lot more. She frequently would stand on my lap with a paw on either side of my neck and give me kisses or just bury her face under my chin.  Of course I am expected to be giving her back rubs at the same time.

A week later she appeared fully recovered and her undercarriage had really shrunk in size.  Not only did she want to go for a walk and play in the back yard – she was ready to run an agility course.  There was a lot of pent up energy that had to be released so I took her to the CHS dog park to let her run… and run… and run!

I started calling her ‘Spunky’ – she was making me tired AND she did not tolerate being ignored at all when I was home with her.  She was rested from being home alone all day so the evenings, I soon learned, were to be all about her.

My vacuum cleaner paid the price one evening. I was sending a long email and telling Wiggles “just a minute I have to send this out”.  When I went upstairs I noticed someone had severed the power cord to my vacuum cleaner – of course if I had put it away right after using it nothing would have happened.  When I questioned Wiggles she denied all knowledge of how this occurred.  I returned home from work the following day to the scene of a massacre:  every stuffy in the house had been disemboweled and she had figured out how to open the toy box as there were destroyed cat toys laying everywhere.  Once again Wiggles denied any knowledge of the disaster.

I gave up any notion of housecleaning, emailing etc… for the rest of Wiggles’ stay with me unless she was tired enough to nap while I got things done.  ‘Spunky’ had to come first so she would be a happy, tired dog.  The rest of the week did not hold any surprises for me – her toys were spread around the house but nothing was destroyed.

As our time together draws to an end I know will cry as always but there will also be happy tears as I know the person\people who she was meant to be with are just waiting for her. I packed a little gift bag with her new halter\collar\leash (she looks divine in purple) and some toys she seemed to prefer. Her family can decide whether or not to keep these or donate them to CHS.

Hmmmm… sounds like a stuffy being shredded… time to get off the computer!

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