Top Cold Weather Safety Tips!

The cold weather is upon us and were here to help you keep Fido and Fluffy nice and safe. Check out our top tips for making it through a Calgary winter!


1. Watch out for dangerous winter chemicals

Keep antifreeze and other winter chemicals far away from curious paws and try using a pet friendly ice melt to prevent burns and accidental poisonings.


2. Watch your pet outside

If they are lifting paws or shivering, bring them in.


3. Keep cats indoors

Provide extra environmental enrichment to keep kitty entertained. (See our blog on indoor activities for cats)


4. Shovel a clear path for ‘potty time’ when it gets really cold

If possible, locate this space close to the door to minimize the time your dog spends outside in very cold weather, especially if you have a small dog. 


5. Keep walks short during extreme cold weather

Check out some indoor activities you can do with your pets in between walks.


6. Keep your pet on leash

Remember: slippery roads means cars cannot stop as fast as they would on a dry surface. Keep Fido on leash for safety (except in designated off leash areas.)


7. Invest in a warm jacket for your pet if they get cold easily

See our blog on getting your pet used to winter clothing.


8. Provide shelter from the cold

If your pet does spend time outside, make sure they have free access to an adequate shelter. A shelter used in winter must be insulated, heated and have a wind break to prevent cold wind from blowing into the living area. They must also have access to a heated water dish.


9. Bang on the hood of your car before starting the car!

Stray cats often find engines and block heaters to be a source of warmth and may curl up under the hood of a car for a nap. Each year in Calgary several cats are injured after being caught in engine parts when a car is starting. Banging the hood of the car and listening for movement gives any sleeping feline a chance to escape.