Creating A More Humane World.

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Community Services 

Calgary Humane Society is an open-admissions shelter. This means we will take any animal that needs our help.

We also offer temporary care due to unexpected circumstances. Qualifying circumstances include:

  • Domestic violence
  • Sudden onset medical issue (i.e., heart attack)
  • Damage to your home due to extreme weather (i.e., flood)


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A long-haired, tan rabbit

Report Animal Cruelty

If you have reason to suspect an animal is being neglected or harmed, report it today. If you need more information about when to call for help or which organization is most appropriate to call, we can provide resources for your situation.

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Donate to CHS

Calgary Humane Society relies solely on the generosity of our community to fund its operations and care for as many animals as we can. There are several ways you can contribute, either by making a financial donation or donating items. Learn more about how you can help.


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