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In Support of Fort McMurray

Our hearts go out to those affected by the wildfire in Fort McMurray. We have offered our support to those impacted by the fire and are working closely with Edmonton Humane Society, Red Deer and District SPCA, Cochrane Humane Society … Continued

Animal Training

Register for Training Classes Online

It's a new year and that means it's time for a new you! Follow through with your resolutions this year and teach that old dog of yours some new tricks! CHS offers a wide array of classes for your dog, whether it be puppy socialization, Reactive Rovers or Fearful Fido's! Check out our classes and register online today!  

Humane Ed

Summer Camps

Say bye-bye to the cold and hello to summer! Do you have your summer scheduled? If not, why not join Calgary Humane Society for a week long summer camp? Our camps provide a wonderful opportunity for children to learn how the world can be a better place for all living things!

Don't take our word for it

CHS Alum Temari

CHS Alum, Temari

Temari is one of our five budgies, all of whom we have adopted from the Humane Society. She and her brother, Shika, were found in a box in an apartment garbage room. We adore all of our little feathered friends. Thank you for letting us give them a forever home!!

Temari’s Mama

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Charlie’s Story

Charlie is one of the thousand’s of animals Calgary Humane is able to help each year thanks to our community’s support.  Watch his video to learn more about him!

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Connecting lives since 1922

Calgary Humane Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was incorporated in 1922. At that time, the Society’s mandate included the protection of children, homeless people as well as animals. Today, Calgary Humane Society is the only organization providing a service under the Animal Protection Act in Calgary. Calgary Humane Society continues to work for the animals with the aim of preventing and suppressing cruelty and sheltering more than 6,000 homeless animals each years.

Featured Animals



Are you ready for a cute little guy like me in your life? This place I’m in right now is cozy but I want a home I can call my own with my very own family! In my new home, … Continued

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Hello!  I’m Jennifurr and it’s nice to meet you.  When you come in to visit I will be sure to pop over to welcome you in my friendly way.  I like people, lots of attention and I’m gentle, affectionate and … Continued

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Corra Lilly

Hi there, my name is Corra Lily! My paw-fect family will be experienced dog owners who can provide me with an active and structured home. I have a lot of energy, so a home that can provide me lots of … Continued

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Hi, I’m Remy a wee, charming little degu.  What’s a degu you ask?   I am a small rodent that is diurnal – meaning active during the day, just like you!  I enjoy human interaction but not too much handling. … Continued

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Busted! 9 Common Rabbit Myths

Busted! 9 Common Rabbit Myths

  There’s a lot of misinformation floating around about rabbits in the animal world. Today we look at the nine most common. Rabbit are easy, low-maintenance beginner pets. Although rabbits may not need daily walks like a dog, rabbits are … Continued

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