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Top 8 ways to have a record amount of FUN at this year’s Dog Jog!

Dog Jog 2017 planning is in high gear! Last year you may remember we gathered together a record number of dogs wearing bandanas? Well this year we are out to have a record amount of FUN! Interested in joining us? … Continued

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    Fido Friday

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    Dog Jog

    Register for Dog Jog

    We are one week away from the big day! Dog Jog is the most unique run/walk in the city of Calgary and we are asking you to register and fundraise for the animals and stay for the party. This is shaping up to be the best Dog Jog ever!

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    Training Classes

    Need help with your dog skills? Join us for a fun session of training with your dog. We have a class for every dog! The commitment is short-term but the benefits are long-term.

    Summer Camps

    Join Summer Camps

    Join Calgary Humane Society for a summer camp. All humane education program’s offered reflect our values of compassion, empathy and respect for all living things while fostering responsible pet ownership, empathy and violence prevention.

    Modified Hours

    Change to weekend hours

    Calgary Humane Society is changing it's weekend hours for the month of May to help deal with the influx of animals in our care. On Saturday and Sunday, we will be revising our hours of operation to be 12:00PM - 5:00PM. Thank you.