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Pet Safety

View educational resources that will help you keep your pet safe. Share these fact sheets with your friends, family, and colleagues to spread the word on pet safety.

Pet Safety Educational Resources

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Prevention of cruelty to animals is key to our mandate. We understand that education is a powerful tool that can help loving pet owners take better care of their pets. That’s why we created these fact sheets, which you are welcome to download, share online, and print for distribution.

If you have access to a community or workplace bulletin board, we encourage you to post them there too.

Dogs in Hot Cars

More and more people are becoming aware of the danger that comes with leaving an animal in a hot car.

“What Are You Willing To Lose” takes a look at the potential consequences of leaving an animal in a hot car. Please share wide so more pet owners can learn about the risks.

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Cold Weather Pet Safety

Like the danger of leaving an animal in a hot car, leaving an animal in cold weather can be dangerous—even deadly. With this poster, we provide important information and advice for pet owners to keep their animals safe from the winter cold. Here in Calgary, frostbite and other injuries due to cold can occur quickly. We encourage you to share this fact sheet with your community to keep as many animals as possible safe and warm each winter.

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