Calgary Humane Society operates under a Capacity for Care model and does not guarantee immediate availability. All animal intakes are triaged based on situation severity.
Calgary Humane Society operates under a Capacity for Care model and does not guarantee immediate availability. All animal intakes are triaged based on situation severity.

Surrender An Animal

If you are unable to care for your animal any longer, you can surrender them to Calgary Humane Society. Please review the information on this page and complete the Surrender Intake Form.  Once a form is submitted, we will contact you with further instructions. 

Choosing to Surrender



If you are thinking of surrendering your pet, please consider:

Calling our Behaviour Helpline: We offer knowledgeable information and advice on a variety of pet behaviours. Contact us at (403) 205-4455.

Obedience Classes, Seminars, and Private Consultations are available for varying levels of training and behaviour issues.

Calgary Food Bank: Offers food support for you and your family. Contact them at (403) 253-2055.

CHS Pet Food Bank: Offers one-time help for pet owners facing unexpected financial situations. Contact us at (403) 205-4455.

Pet Safekeeping and Emergency Boarding Programs: Offers safe refuge for pets facing temporary emergencies or escaping situations of domestic violence. Contact us at (403) 205-4455.

Reaching out to other family and friends who may be able to take your pet temporarily or help with re-homing.

Calgary Humane Society Pet Surrender Intake

If you would still like to surrender your pet, please complete the Surrender Intake Form.

Intake Form

Owner Information
Animal Information
Health Information

Please contact your vet, or the most recent vet you accessed, to send us the animals’ medical records. You should advise your clinic that you are surrendering your animal, and authorize the records to be shared with us. Please provide your clinic the contact info to send the records: or fax to 403-723-6050

Calgary Humane Society is an open-admission shelter and never turns animals that need us most away, even if the shelter is full. CHS accepts all companion animals, including those that are ill, injured, feral, and behaviourally challenged. To effectively manage our population and ensure every animal in care has its needs met, we will triage incoming animals to first serve those most in need. This does not mean any animal is rejected but instead managed through a waitlist system to prioritize intakes appropriately. To learn more about surrendering your animal*, contact our Admissions department at 403-723-6025.

*Care costs may apply at time of intake.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can surrender your dog, cat, or other pet at Calgary Humane Society. Before we can take them in, you will need to complete the Surrender Intake Form and make an appointment; we cannot accept unscheduled drop-offs of pets at the shelter.

If you need to surrender an animal, please complete the Surrender Intake Form. The Animal Admissions team will call or email you to schedule an appointment or put you on a waitlist if our shelter is at capacity.

If you do not have access to email or are uncomfortable with the technology, call us at (403) 723-6025. Please note that email is the preferred and quickest way to contact the team. You can contact any day of the week.

If your animal needs immediate medical attention and you cannot afford veterinary care, get in touch with our Animal Admissions team immediately by calling (403) 723-6025.

We have several animals moving through the shelter on any given day. We strive to ensure that each animal who comes through our doors gets the best care possible, including basic needs, health care, or behaviour support. If we are at capacity, we cannot take in more animals until we can free up space to provide your pet with the highest quality of care.

By managing our intakes, we can ensure we have the appropriate staffing and space to care for each animal that comes through our doors. This helps ensure less crowding, less disease, and a greater chance our animals will move to the adoption floor quickly. While a shelter is a good place to start for some animals, it is not a long-term solution, and we want to see them get into a forever home as quickly as possible.

If you do come without scheduling an appointment, you will be asked to leave and schedule an appointment. If we can accommodate your animal that day, it could be a long wait so we do encourage you to call first.

If you have an urgent situation, please contact our Animal Admissions team at (403) 723-6025. We will do our best to accommodate emergencies.

While we are an open admissions shelter, we must plan accordingly to ensure each animal receives the care, attention, and space they need. We can help more animals when we plan our intakes and ensure proper animal flow through the shelter. Scheduling non-urgent intakes means we can help more animals without sacrificing the quality of care. We appreciate your help and cooperation in caring for all animals in need.

We know that surrendering a pet is a heartbreaking decision that is not chosen lightly. Our caring animal admissions staff will support you and your pet throughout the surrender by explaining the process, collecting vital information for future adopters, and respecting your right to confidentiality. We will ask for information about you and your pet during the surrender process, including identification.

This information is never passed on to future adopters or used for any purpose other than the legal requirements related to animal surrender. When surrendering smaller animals, please bring them in with a hand-held kennel to ensure safe transportation and handling for our staff.

We ensure that your pet is provided with the highest quality of care throughout their stay here. Our in-house veterinary clinic provides health exams and medical treatment to every animal that arrives at Calgary Humane Society.

While in our shelter, all animals are cared for by our compassionate animal care team and receive environmental enrichment and support from our behaviour team to address any behaviour concerns they may exhibit. When a pet is ready for adoption, potential adoptees will be carefully screened to ensure the best possible match with the new family.

Cost to surrender

As an open access shelter, we will never turn away an animal in need. There is, however, a cost to Calgary Humane Society associated with supporting your pet. This cost is dependent on the necessary length of stay ($15/day), daily care ($50), treatment (up to $200), dental ($300), training ($150.00), health and behaviour exams ($50 each), vaccines ($60), and spaying/neutering ($150).

We hope that you will consider these costs when surrendering your pet and provide some financial support if you’re able. We also accept donations of food, crates, pet carriers, and other supplies. Your support enables us to care for the over 5,000 animals we receive every year.