Calgary Stampede – In Response to Animal Justice

The team at Calgary Humane Society are saddened by the animal deaths at the Calgary Stampede.
In Response to Animal Justice.
Calgary Humane Society is an Animal Welfare Organization and a Law Enforcement Agency as opposed to an Advocacy or Activism Agency like Animal Justice. However, for many years now, Calgary Humane Society has made the team at the Calgary Stampede well aware of the fact that we are fundamentally opposed to the use of animals in entertainment, which includes the high risk events at the Calgary Stampede.
Our Animal Protection and Investigations Department holds the mandate for enforcement of the Animal Protection Act of Alberta within the jurisdiction of Calgary. This legislation prohibits causing or allowing animals to be in distress. Distress, however, is exempted in reasonable and generally accepted practices of animal care, management and husbandry, hunting, fishing, slaughter and pest control. The events at Calgary Stampede are considered to be included in these distress exemptions. Furthermore, public interest is a foundational tenant of prosecution. It is difficult to argue public interest when these events are sold out and broadcast nationwide.
Animal Justice are welcome to take any steps they see fit should they feel Calgary Humane Society’s enforcement arm is not taking the action they wish to see. Being an agency run and staffed by legal professionals operating out of the province of Ontario, they may have a competing opinion on the interpretation of the applicable Alberta laws that we have been enforcing for decades. If they are so inclined and disagree with our assessment, they are welcome to file a private prosecution.
The team at Calgary Humane Society are saddened by the animal deaths at the Calgary Stampede. Every year our Executive Director requests that the Calgary Stampede put an end to the events that put an animals life at risk so all living beings can have an enjoyable Stampede. However, every year we are informed by the Calgary Stampede that until people stop buying tickets, this will not be a reality.
The best thing people can do if they wish to see change is voice their concerns to the Calgary Stampede directly or write to their MLA encouraging a legislative change.
Today we had many conversations with concerned members of the public regarding the recent animal deaths at the Calgary Stampede. Animal Welfare is complex, and we welcome respectful dialogue around these important conversations. Please contact us for more information at 403-205-4455.