The Membership Program has incredible benefits for you and your family. The real winners in this program are the animals you will be supporting. Upon purchasing your membership, you will simply need to show a piece of picture I.D to receive your membership benefits in the PetGear Store. On behalf of all the animals you are supporting, a huge thank you.


Is there an annual membership fee?

There may be an annual fee based on the type of membership you are looking to purchase. We have a $250.00 lifetime membership which is a one-time payment which gives you lifelong membership to Calgary Humane Society. We also have a one-year membership at various rates which would be paid annually if you chose to renew your membership with Calgary Humane Society. The rates for a one-year membership for an individual or family are $40.00 and for a senior (65+) $10.00.

Calgary Humane Society offers a free one-year membership to all adopters of any animal. There would be no charge for this initial year of membership. If the member chooses to renew after that time, they would incur a fee based on the above rates.


What are the benefits of the Calgary Humane Society membership program?

As part of our bylaws, we are required to have members of the Calgary Humane Society. These members have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting. We wanted to include additional incentives for our members, therefore, in addition to giving you the satisfaction of knowing you are helping homeless animals, we are providing the following additional discounts on fees and services that Calgary Humane Society provides:

  • 15% off adoption fees for any animal*
  • 15% off dog behavior classes*
  • 15% off Pet Gear Store merchandise (excludes online store)
  • 15% off cremation services and products
  • 15% off Kids Camps, Kids Clubs, and Birthday Parties
  • 15% off Cocktails for Critters event tickets
  • Free registration fee for an individual or family at our annual Dog Jog event.

*If you received a free membership with adoption, the discount would apply to future adoptions and behavior classes.


What type of communications will members receive from Calgary Humane Society?

Members will receive the following communications:

  • A membership pamphlet/info sheet at time of adoption with your membership number.
  • Welcome package the month following your membership activation
  • Bi-annual Connecting Lives newsletter
  • Notifications on shelter activities and updates including Annual General Meeting, Fundraising events, Adoptions events, Partner discounts, other interesting updates or news at Calgary Humane Society
  • Renewal notice one month prior to expiry


At this moment we are unable to offer online registration for CHS Memberships. While this feature in under construction please call 403-723-6000 to register or for more information about the membership program.