Humane Education enables young people to approach human rights, environmental preservation, and animal protection as interconnected and integral dimensions of a healthy, just society. Calgary Humane Society offers a number of ways that teachers can get their students involved in Humane Education; classroom presentations, field trips and the Building Bridges Social and Emotional Literacy Program.

For more information about our Humane Education programs, please contact the Humane Education department at We believe that all children and youth deserve the opportunity for Humane Education programming. Contact us for further information about subsidized programming to see if your school qualifies. This offer is subject to funds available.

Did you know? Our Virtual Education modules are available year-round for youth in Kindergarten to Grade 6! They are unique and explore different topics from our in-class presentations. Please check out our Virtual Education modules here.

Tours –  Calgary Humane Society

Do you have a community group that would like to see what we do at Calgary Humane Society? Come bring a group of friends, Beavers, Scouts, Girl Guide, etc!

You will receive a 30-minute general presentation to learn about the shelter along with a 30-minute tour of our facility! Tours run on Monday evenings from 6:00pm – 7:00pm each week.

General Presentation:  This presentation gives a general overview of the shelter and answers lots of commonly asked questions including: how to the animals get there, how many animals, what kind of animals etc.  It also includes information about the teams that help the animals in our care.  There are stories of animals that have been in our care that represent the 3 most common ways that animals come to us, surrenders, strays and seized.  This is our second most booked presentation.


Tour: Your group will be exploring the adoptions floor and learning centre.  You will see the animal enclosures for the cats, dogs, bunnies, reptiles, birds and more! The tour facilitators will be able to tell you interesting facts about each animal, as well as the history of the building as you move along! They will also answer any of your questions that you may have about CHS.

Tours are $50 dollars for a maximum of 15 people – subject to change due to covid-19 restrictions.

If you have any questions, please email or call 403-205-4455 ext. 6544.

If you are ready to book a tour, please click on the link here:

Field Trips at Calgary Humane Society Facility

We are proud to offer customizable half-day field trip programs for students in Kindergarten through Grade 12! Students get the opportunity to learn while connecting with animals, completing fun activities and checking out the only fully open-admission animal shelter in Southern Alberta! For more information about field trips please visit our Field Trips page! Field trips are $199.00 per class of 30 students. Field trips run from 9:30 to 11:30 each day!

Due to an extensive renovation project that is currently underway at the Calgary humane Society, we do not have the capacity to run two field trips at once for the 2021-22 school year. Our tour is a modified tour of the facility as we go through construction.


Our in-class presentations are approximately one hour in length and were developed as an educational resource to support teachers in meeting their curriculum objectives. As educators of responsible pet ownership, empathy and violence prevention, we promote the development of social and emotional literacy skills by offering quality programs at the shelter or in the classroom. Links to specific outcomes outlined in Alberta’s Education curriculum are provided in each program description.

Our presentations address:

  • Responsible pet ownership
  • Domestication of dogs and cats
  • Canadian animal welfare laws
  • Animal related careers
  • Respect for urban wildlife
  • Violence prevention (animal cruelty, bullying, dating and domestic violence)

All school presentations are $99 per class of 30 students. Please note: A $25 non refundable administration fee is charged for presentations that are booked and cancelled more than two weeks in advance. If the presentation is booked and cancelled with less than two weeks notice, the full cost of the presentation will be invoiced to the booking school or after school group. Please follow this link to browse through our programs and curriculum connections by grade level.

If you are ready to book please follow the link here. 


Virtual Classroom Presentations

Want to access our library of in-school presentations, but can’t have us come to your classroom? No problem!

We have decided to offer our entire library of classroom presentations, typically delivered in-person, to be delivered via Zoom in order to make our programming more accessible to all students while we move through uncertain times. Check out the link above to see our entire library of classroom presentations and pick one that suits your class! Virtual Presentations are $55 per class of 30 students.

To book a virtual presentation, please following the link here. 

Building Bridges Social and Emotional Literacy Program

Building Bridges – Social and Emotional Literacy Program

The Building Bridges – Social and Emotional Literacy Program is a free empathy building curriculum project generously sponsored by Enmax, and is designed for students in Kindergarten through Grade Three.

Building Bridges teaches social and emotional literacy skills at the elementary level as a method of violence prevention and promotion of healthy relationships. Each grade level has three sections: People, Domestic Animals, and The Environment. The lessons in the program are developmentally appropriate and scaffolded so that students can continue building on the strategies they have learned in the previous year.

Each Building Bridges package includes a story, a selection of 20 lessons, and a number of learning activities. All of the necessary tools have been provided in order for you to independently implement this curriculum in your classroom. All of the lessons in this program connect to learning expectations and outcomes outlined in the Alberta Learning Curriculum for each specific grade level. You are able to choose a package for Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, or all four grade levels.

To get a copy of our program, please contact the Humane Education department at at