Welcome to our Classroom Resource Center!

Our resources have been carefully designed by our Humane Education team to help teach students important lessons about animal welfare, and to help build student empathy for all living things. One voice is strong, but many voices are stronger!

Watch this page throughout the year for our rotating collection of activities for classrooms.

Spring Animal Guest – Riley the dog! 

Spring Coloring Pages

Easy to print out and use at home or in the classroom.

This season we’re offering Color Me Dog! as well as Color Me Cat!

Have your classroom be the next animal welfare hero’s by helping fundraise for the animals with our School Fundraising Toolkit – Animal Allies 

Click HERE to download and print a Community Fundraising Poster!

Student Springtime Activities! – Module 2: Animal Experts!

Watch our Animal Experts Module to learn about animal body language & more!


Additional videos for grade 4 – 6:

Animal Body Language

Animal Calming Signals

Module 2 Supplementary Worksheets:

Calming Signal Checklist

Dog Safety Challenge

Animal Needs Challenge

Journaling Prompts

Trick Training Guide

Animal Body Language Infographics

How To Greet A Dog

How To Interact With A Dog

How Not To Interact With A Dog

Learning about Calgary Humane Society: Engaging Activities!

My Pet & Me – Coloring Workbook & Story