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Pet Aftercare

Pet Aftercare Services

Calgary Humane Society and Gateway Pet Memorial have joined forces to help provide compassionate aftercare service for companion animals in our community. We believe the values, ethics and respect for animals that we share with Gateway will ensure that your beloved pet receives a dignified farewell.

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Available Cremation Services

Gateway provides caring, ethical and transparent aftercare options for pets in Calgary and the surrounding areas.

Please call us at (403) 723-6025 or email for pricing or how to arrange cremation services.

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Private Cremation

This option provides you with the opportunity to keep your pet’s cremated remains (ashes) as a permanent keepsake. Suppose you want a remembrance item that houses your pet’s ashes, such as an urn, a piece of jewelry, a glass memorial or another personalized item. In that case, choosing a private cremation is a suitable option.

Gateway also offers clients the option of a viewing and visitation service. In a quiet and serene visitation room, you will be near your cherished pet during a private cremation. We will help you make these arrangements in a warm and supportive environment.

Communal Cremation

No cremated remains (ashes) will be returned to you when you choose a communal cremation. If you still wish for a keepsake, perhaps you may wish to consider a personalized paw print as a timeless remembrance.

To contact Gateway Pet Memorial directly, please call (403) 474-6060.

Remembering Your Pet

We offer a wide range of memorial and keepsake items. Please download the catalogue for more information.

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