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Calgary Humane Society Seminars

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Participating in a Calgary Humane Society seminar is an excellent way to learn about an animal behaviour topic more in-depth. For more information, please call 403-723-6019 or email us at training@calgaryhumane.ca.

Upcoming Seminars

Canine Emergency First Aid & C.P.R. Class

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Old Pet, New Baby

Baby’s arrival can spell drastic change in your home—for you and your pets. Set your pets up for success in handling the new sights, smells, and sounds that come with having a new baby in the house. Calgary Humane Society’s animal behaviour coordinators will teach you how to prepare your pets before baby arrives and show you how to successfully introduce them to your child.

We are currently offering “Old Pet, New Baby” as a recorded webinar available for you at your convenience. This webinar contains information for both cats and dogs and costs $30.00.

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