It has been said that you don’t pick your pet but that your pet picks you. We believe that there may be some truth in that phrase as we have a long history of connecting lives. Calgary Humane Society has been in the business of sheltering and adopting neglected, abused and abandoned animals for over 90 years. If there is one thing we know, it is that the animals in our care deserve a better hand then they were dealt in the past so we do our best to make their wish come true. Could your home be the next forever home for an animal? If you said yes, we would love for you to come visit our adoptions floor! There are dozens of animals that would love to have the opportunity to pick you as there forever parent. Don’t take our word for it, however, these Happy Tail stories say it all!




We wanted to send along a couple pictures of our little boy who we adopted almost 1 year ago. Caper is fitting in quite well and loves his brother. Although you would think he was the one we had first as he’s very domineering and thinks he’s the king of the castle.  Caper is very much my boy and a sensitive little fellow as he can tell whenever I’m upset, and comes running to cuddle and cheer me up. We would recommend anyone to adopt and certainly would do so again in the future.



Flynn came into the clinic I work at as a stray on August long weekend and stole my heart immediately. I had no doubt that he would be adopted quite quickly, so when he came back to our clinic 11 days later as our new remote adoption kitty I knew I had to adopt him. Flynn is my first cat and I’m pretty sure he has ruined me from ever owning another cat….no one will compare to this loving snuggle bug! He LOVES to wrestle with my Lab, they have quickly become the best of friends. Thank you CHS for helping me complete my family.




We adopted our four legged friend over 8 years ago. He has touched our lives beyond any expectations. We got married this past weekend and he was our ring bearer and had the best time. Can’t you tell by his smile!?!?! Love an animal; it’s unconditional and opens a part of your heart you never knew you had. Thank you CHS for all you do!