Animal behaviour is a fascinating subject that is constantly evolving into a more complex study into how animals act and think. Want to learn more about animal behaviour? We welcome you to join us for one (or more!) of these informative sessions!

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Talking Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety Mythbusting: The essential guide to helping dogs overcome home alone distress, with Julie Naismith


It can seem like the internet is full of conflicting advice about treating separation anxiety, can’t it? We’re told to crate dogs, not to baby them, to ignore them, get another dog to help, exercise them more, scold them. The list of separation anxiety remedies seems endless.

Frustratingly, much of what you’ll read is inaccurate. And sadly many recommended approaches actually risk making separation anxiety worse.

No wonder so many owners and trainers give up on separation anxiety feeling that treating the condition is hopeless.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Plenty of dogs can, and do, overcome separation anxiety. Our speaker, Julie Naismith, will be busting the myths that surround separation anxiety and will be taking us through the process she uses that’s helping 100s of dogs around the world – the 5 Step SubThreshold Training System.

Join us for this informative and highly practical session. The session will cover:

  • What separation anxiety is, and what it isn’t
  • How to assess separation-related behaviours, to make sure you really are dealing with anxiety
  • How body language is key to understanding home alone stress [including case study videos to review]
  • Why video technology is essential to separation anxiety training, and how to set up cheaply and easily
  • Why medication, exercise, and enrichment are a vital part of the recovery plan
  • How to come up with a training plan that’s individual and dog-specific, and that will make your training truly effective
  • What immediate next steps owners and trainers can take today to immediately make a difference to a dog with separation anxiety

Participants will be provided with a free workbook to enhance learning during the session and will be given an ebook copy of Julie’s forthcoming, Be Right Back!: How to Overcome Separation and Regain Your Freedom (value $7.99)

Whether you’re an owner grappling with your own dog’s separation anxiety, or a trainer who wants to learn more about how to handle separation anxiety cases, this session will leave you feeling informed, enabled and ready-to-take action.

Speaker Bio: Julie Naismith is a specialist in separation anxiety training and behaviour consultant, and author of the separation anxiety training guide, Be Right Back! Julie apprenticed with the world’s leading force-free, evidence-based trainer, Jean Donaldson graduating with Honors from Jean’s Academy for Dog Trainers. She is also a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer having studied with leading expert Malena Demartini’s separation anxiety program. [Participants will receive a complimentary ebook copy of Be Right Back]

Fees are non-refundable.

  •  Spring 2020


Old Pet, New Baby

New sights, smells, sounds and strollers; Baby’s arrival can spell drastic change in your home. Imagine how your pet feels! Don’t wonder how Rover will feel about the new family member or fret about Frisky’s reaction – set your pets up for success! Calgary Humane Society’s animal behaviour coordinators will teach you how to prepare your pets before baby arrives and show you how to successfully introduce them to your child.

This seminar is held every 4th Monday at 6:30pm at Calgary Humane Society. This evening class runs for about two hours. This is a lecture, not an animal training session, so please leave your animals at home.

Upcoming Sessions:

March 23rd, 2020

April 27th, 2020

May 25th, 2020

Calgary Humane Society
4455 – 110 Ave S.E.

To register: Call Alberta Health Services at (403) 955-1450 or visit their web site at

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