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All about AJ
Animal ID: 2000025618

AJ is a 6 years old male Domestic Medium Hair/Mix cat who weighs 5 pounds.

Age: 6 years
Weight: 5.46 kg

AJ is more than just another pretty face; this fluffy tabby is full of character and purrsonality! Some may say that he's "sassy", but it just means that he knows what he likes and he'll let you know, too. Once he's decided that it's time for some attention, he'll be purring away and asking for all of the pets and affection you can give! And he can be quite the chatterbox when he's wanting some love! Since AJ can get overstimulated easily and children may not interpret his body language cues correctly, he would love to live with an older family. He's also not a big fan of other cats, but he'll be more than able to make up for it by giving you all the snuggles, conversations, and affection you could ever want! Make an appointment today and tell them AJ sent you!
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