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How to adopt

Calgary Humane Society operates an Open Adoption Centre.

How to adopt an animal at Calgary Humane Society

Adding an animal to your family is a life-changing decision, for you and your future pet. To ensure that your adoption is successful, we follow a standard process. Each animal who arrives at Calgary Humane Society has their own personality and unique needs for living an enriching life. It’s important that you consider their needs and find an animal who will be able to thrive in your household.


Step 1:
View Adoptable Animals Online


All of Calgary Humane Society’s adoptable animals are available for viewing online. As you read each animal’s bio, consider which type of animal would be the best fit for your lifestyle.

In addition to information about each animal’s personality, you’ll find details of any known medical and behaviour history. Some animals need special diets or medication to be healthy, increasing the financial and time cost of responsible pet ownership.


View Adoptable Pets

Step 2:
Visit Calgary Humane Society


Open Adoptions Center!

Calgary Humane Society operates an Open Adoption Centre! In order to provide a positive experience for our animals and our adopters, we operate on a first come first serve adoption system and accept both walk-ins and scheduled appointments. You are welcome to come in at any time when we are open and check out our adoptable animals in person, or check our adoptable animals on our website. When you see an animal you are interested in learning more about, you can book an appointment or walk-in during business hours.

Please Note: Both appointments and walk-ins are subject to daily availability limits. While an appointment guarantees the attention of our team, walk-ins may experience wait times.

Our list of available animals changes every day, so be sure to check who is still available on the morning of your appointment. We operate on a first come, first served basis. If you have your eye on someone in particular, try to book your appointment for early in the morning, or walk-in early—if you come later in the day, animals on your list may be adopted before you get a chance to meet them.

If you have booked an appointment and are unable to attend, please let us know so we can cancel your appointment. Every no-show is a missed opportunity for an animal to be adopted. If you are experiencing issues cancelling your appointment online, please call or email the Adoptions team for assistance at (403) 205-4455, extension 6503 or


Book An Appointment

Step 3:
Final Steps

Every adoption is part of a personal and unique story. We strive to meet adopters where they are in the process, and help them to be the best pet owner they can be through conversations, education, and post-adoption support.

Our conversation-based approach allows you to learn about the animals we have available and their care requirements while you’re guided through the decision making process. You’ll also have the option to place a 24 hour hold on your chosen pet or take them home that day.

Financial Responsibility of Pet Ownership

Average Cost of a Pet


A companion animal brings many wonderful things into your life, including unconditional love, companionship, fun, and exercise. Before you pick out your new pet though, it’s important to consider is how much it costs to have a pet. Calgary Humane Society encourages you to do your research. During the adoption process, we can help you understand the expected costs specific to the animal you are bringing home.

To help give you an idea, the average annual cost of owning a dog in Canada is $2,500, where cats range from $600 to $1,800. This does not include any unexpected veterinary care—we can talk with you about the costs and benefits of pet insurance. It’s also important to remember the cost of your time needed for walking, playing, and caring for your animal.

Seniors Pricing: If you are over the age of 65 and on a fixed income, please speak to your adoption counselor about it at time of appointment to discuss your options for a lowered adoption fee.

Adoption Fees


Kittens (under 7 months): $285

Adult (7 months – 9 years): $200

Senior (10 years and older): $125

Barn Cat: $40

Patient Paw Fee: $75

Adopt a second adult cat within 60 days of your initial adoption for a reduced fee of $110

Bonded Cats

Mom and Kitten: $330

Kitten Bonded Pair (under 7 months): $450

Adult Bonded Pair (7 months – 9 years): $300

Senior Bonded Pair (10 years and older): $175

Patient Paw Pair: Minimum $135 fee

All adult, adolescent and senior dog adoptions include one private consult.

Puppies (under 5 months): $625 *includes 5 week Puppy Club Class

Adolescent (5 months – 1 year): $490

Adult (1 year – 6 years): $405

Senior (7 years and older): $270

Patient Paw Fee: Minimum $135 fee

Bonded Dogs

Adult Bonded Pair (1 years – 6 years): $465.00

Senior Bonded Pair (7 years and older): $425.00

All Ages: $75

Adopt a second rabbit within 60 days of your initial adoption for a reduced fee of $37.50

Patient Paw Fee: $30

Bonded Pair: $90

Gerbils, Hamsters, and Mice $15
Degus $30
Guinea Pigs $35
Hedgehogs $100
Chinchillas $75
Ferrets $100
Patient Paw Rodents Choose Your Own Fee
Budgies, Finches, and Doves $30
Canaries $70
Cockatiels & Love birds $60
Patient Paw Small Birds *Prices Vary
Parakeet, Parrots, Larger Breed Birds $150–$1200 *Prices Vary
Patient Paw Large Birds *Prices Vary
Red Eared Slider Turtle $75
Iguana $50–$100
Tegu $50–$100
Bearded Dragon $75
Patient Paw Reptile *Prices Vary
Small Snakes (Milk, Corn) $55
Medium Snakes (Ball Pythons) $165
Large Snakes (Boas, Rare/Uncommon Breeds) $150
Patient Paw Snakes $50 Minimum
Fish *Prices Vary
Farm Animals (Outside City Limits)
Pig $50
Chicken/Rooster $20

*Other turtles, lizards, and exotics – prices vary

*Adoption prices are subject to change