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Animal Training from Calgary Humane Society

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Pet owners can feel helpless when confronted with behaviour problems in their animal companions. At Calgary Humane Society, we encounter animals with all types of different personalities and are very familiar with the options available to help solve them.

We offer more than just dog training—we’re your hub to access private consultation, behaviour seminars, training classes, as well as resources for all species.

Training Classes

We offer a variety of dog classes from basic obedience and socialization, to helping address challenging behaviours like reactivity or fear. All of our training classes are designed to help build strong relationships between you and your dog.

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Private Consultations

Private consultations are available for those who are experiencing complex behaviours or would like more one-on-one time with a trainer than traditional classes can offer. Private consultations are also available virtually for cats.

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Training Seminars

We offer several seminars to give you some insight into your pet and the motivations behind their behaviours.

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Animal Behaviour Resources

These articles have been approved by our team of professionals and cover a variety of topics.

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Behaviour Helpline

Do you have a quick question or concern about your pets’ behaviour? Contact the Calgary Humane Society Behaviour Helpline at (403) 723-6019 or behaviour.help@calgaryhumane.ca.

Trainer Profiles

At Calgary Humane Society, every trainer cares deeply about your pet. They know that approaching an animal with empathy and compassion is key to understanding and mitigating any behavioural problems you’re encountering. All our trainers have professional certifications and each offers a unique specialization.

Sasha Milashenko


Volunteering for a local rescue organization, Sasha became truly fascinated with dog behaviour. It was her fearful foster dog Koa that led Sasha to enroll in her first dog behaviour class. Wanting to learn all that she could, Sasha enrolled in an intensive 16-month training apprenticeship program DCBC – Dogma Certified Behaviour Consultant.

In 2013 Sasha received her first certification and began her career as a professional dog trainer for one of Calgary’s prominent training facilities. Following her passion, Sasha received her second certification in 2015, this time from the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers CPDT-KA. CCPDT is currently the only internationally recognized certification council for dog trainers and requires demonstration of mastery of humane, science-based dog training practices.

Kris Carroll


Kris became interested in dog behaviour when she adopted her dog Stitch in 2015. Kris holds a Dog Trainers Certificate (DDT) and has a dog handling certificate through Dogma Education and Behaviour Centre. She is a Puppy Start Right Instructor through the Karen Pryor Academy, a Canine Life and Social Skills Instructor and is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor.

Kris continues to expand her knowledge by continuing her education by attending webinars through the IAABC on topics like reactivity, resource guarding, and separation anxiety and more. Kris is also Pet First Aid Certified through Walks and Wags. Kris’s main passion as a dog trainer is to spread the word about the significance of early puppyhood socialization and strives to educate and assist pet parents to build their relationships with their dogs.

Bob Siemens


Bob Siemens is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, an Accredited Dog Trainer through the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants and is the Vice President of the Alberta Force Free Alliance.

Bob is committed to providing the most up-to-date, humane, and ethical animal training possible and strives to provide services that are based on kindness, compassion, and understanding. He endeavors to establish a symbiotic relationship between the dogs and their owners while being transparent with training methods. While he grew up with dogs, his love of training and behavior stem from helping his own dog Ryder work through his reactivity.

Abby Hodder

Abby’s passion for animal welfare and behaviour began while volunteering with Standardbred Race Horses throughout her high school years.
In 2013, Abby pursued a degree in Agriculture, majoring in Animal Sciences at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia.
From there, she pursued her first Master’s degree in Animal Welfare & Behaviour at the University of Guelph in Ontario. It was then that her true love for behaviour grew.

After moving to Calgary, AB to pursue her second Master’s degree in Veterinary Medical Sciences, Abby began fostering dogs from a local animal shelter. Caring for numerous dogs with behavioural issues was both challenging and rewarding. For Abby, it was an experience that complimented her education and it’s only grown from there. Her lifelong passion for animal welfare has merged with her love of dogs and of educating others.