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All animals for adoption are at the Calgary Humane Society or with a foster home. View adoptable dogs, cats, rabbits, and exotic animals below. Please note that adoptions are by appointment only.


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Join our Adoptions wants-list!

The adoptions wants-list is used to find homes for animals who have not had an adopter come forward through our first-come, first-served system. Joining the adoption wants-list does not guarantee you will be contacted, nor does it put you on a waiting list for a specific animal.

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Open Adoption Centre

First come first serve adoption appointment system

Calgary Humane Society operates an Open Adoption Centre! In order to provide a positive experience for our animals and our adopters, we operate on a first come first serve adoption appointment system. You are welcome to come in at any time when we are open and check out our adoptable animals in person, or check our adoptable animals on our website. When you see an animal you are interested in learning more about, you can book an adoptions appointment or have us assist you with booking one. This adoption appointment will provide you with the attention of a trained professional adoptions counselor.

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our Patient Paws

Patient Paw animals have spent a longer-than-average time in the shelter. If you want to make a bigger difference with your adoption, consider sharing your home with one of these loving animals.

Remember that there’s more to forming a connection with an animal than what they look like and our adoption counsellor can help you meet your perfect match. You can find patient paws by spotting the yellow paw print on their photos online or a yellow paw tag when you visit them in the shelter.

Patient Paw Pricing

To help our patient friends, all patient paws have a lowered adoption fee. Dogs have a minimum fee of $135 and other animals, including cats and rabbits, range from $30 – $75 as a minimum fee. These animals will still be spayed/neutered, have their core vaccines, be given identification (such as tattoo or microchip), and have a full medical exam before adoption.

Patient Paw Sleepover Program

All of our patient paw dogs qualify for the patient paw sleepover program, which allows potential adopters to bring the dog home for up to a week to help build that connection and make sure it is a suitable fit. We will supply you with everything you need to care for the dog for the duration of their stay and support you with resources along the way. To learn more and to see if you meet all of the requirements, please contact us at (403) 205-4455 ext. 6503 or email us at 

Barn Cats

Barn cat sticking out of play hole


Calgary Humane Society recognizes that not all cats are suitable for a home environment and will, under special circumstances, adopt cats to individuals wishing to provide these special cats with an opportunity to live in a rural, farm, or shop setting.

The adoption fee for barn cats is $40. Your cat will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed and tattooed prior to leaving the Calgary Humane Society.

Barn Cat Adopter Requirements

Cats adopted to live in a rural, barn, or shop type setting must have access to food, shelter, water, regular vet care, love, and attention.

Barns or warehouses must be heated or well insulated and these cats must not be expected to fend for themselves. We recommend that two cats are adopted together so they have a companion in the outdoor environment.

The adopter will be the registered owner and must take full responsibility for the cat(s). If you move to a new location, you are responsible for making arrangements for your cat(s). Suitable arrangements include bringing your cat(s) with you or finding another caregiver to accept responsibility for the cat(s). If another person becomes responsible for the ongoing care and welfare of the cat(s), you must officially transfer ownership.

In the case of a business, Calgary Humane Society will ensure the landlord of the premise as well as the manager of the business agrees on the plan to have cat(s) on the premise.

If you are interested in adopting one or more cats to live in a rural, farm, or shop-like setting, please call (403) 205-4455 ext 6503 or email to be placed on the Adoption Request List.