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Animal Behaviour Resources

Many behavioural problems are common and easily solved—that’s why we created this library of answers to frequently asked questions about animal behaviour.

The following documents will help you understand what your pet is trying to tell you through behaviour and how you can show them you understand. From litter box training, to barking, to introducing your pet to your new baby, we have information to help you and your pet live more harmoniously.

Behaviour Helpline

Do you have a quick question or concern about your animal’s behaviour? Call our free Behaviour Helpline at 403-723-6019 or email us your question at

The phone line is not monitored on weekends, and due to the high volume of calls, please allow four to seven business days to return your call or as staff resources allow. This line is not for emergencies.

This helpline is for simple, non-urgent questions only. If you have a complex behaviour challenge such as aggression, resource guarding, or bite history; please book a private consult to give your pet the focused and personalized attention they need.

Please see our classes page to register for reactive, fearful, foundation skills, and puppy classes.