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Meet Cerberus

All about Cerberus
Animal ID: 2000025555

Cerberus is a 3 months old male German Shepherd/Mix who weighs 10 pounds.

Meet Cerberus, the spirited German Shepherd pup! Energetic and full of life, Cerberus is your partner for endless adventures. His boundless enthusiasm and playful spirit make him the perfect addition to an active family. However, he's eager to learn and needs consistent training to channel his exuberance effectively. He's known to be a bit of a guarder, hence his name, so he'll need a bit of help with this! Cerberus is more than just an adorable little puppy; he's a loyal companion ready to embark on a lifetime of unforgettable moments with the right owner. Are you up for the challenge and rewards of raising this adventurous boy?

Note that many dogs do not reach full size until they are about a year and a half old. The weight listed here is the dog's current weight.

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