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All about Jingle
Animal ID: 2000065888

Jingle is a 1 year, 6 months old female Shepherd/Mix who weighs 17 pounds.

**Jingle is a Patient Paw, please ask about their reduced adoption fee and the possibility of a sleepover!**

Age: 1 year
Weight: 17.5 kg

A bit about me:
- dogs okay pending successful intro (does best with tolerant dogs who enjoy play)
- unknown history with cats
- unknown history with kids (small children not recommended due to potential for over-stimulation)

Jingle bounced into our shelter as a stray in late November, bringing with her an unmatched enthusiasm for life! Sadly, Jingle had a poorly healed fracture on her left hind leg, rendering it non-functional. Amputation was the best option to get Jingle back on her feet, and no sooner had it been done than Jingle was raring to go again! Being a tri-pawed hasn't slowed this girl down at all! She loves to run, explore, play and can keep up with her four-legged friends no problem! Jingle is crate-trained and house-trained. She's a smart girl who is eager to please.

Sadly, Jingle has struggled to find appropriate outlets for her energy in a shelter environment. As her length of stay with us increased, Jingle's stress associated with living at the shelter has increased too and our beautiful girl is growing frustrated as she waits for her family. Jingle is looking for a dog-experienced family who would like to help this very special girl grow into her best self. We see so much potential in Jingle - she is loving, intelligent, affectionate and thrives in the company of other dogs. Her ideal family will have the time to provide her with a structured routine and help her practice safe, appropriate ways to handle energy and frustration. Jingle would LOVE if her new family also had a dog friend who wants to play as much as she does. We want to see this girl succeed, so her new family will be provided with all the behavioral support they need to get life with her started on the right paw!
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