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Animal ID: 2000100817

Rio is a 5 years, 2 months old male Large Mixed Breed who weighs 48 pounds.

Rio is available through our "Adopt From a Foster Home" program. Please email if you are interested in scheduling a meeting. Please do not make an appointment through our online booking calendar, as Rio is not available to meet on site.

**Rio is a Patient Paw, please ask about their reduced adoption fee and the possibility of a sleepover!**

Age: 5 years
Weight: 49kg / 108lb

A bit about me:
- unknown history with children; interactions should be supervised
- unknown history with cats; slow, supervised introductions recommended
- unknown history with dogs; select dogs okay pending successful intro

Rio is a sweet older dude who has found himself looking for a new home through no fault of his own! Despite being a big boy, Rio would love to snuggle right in next to you on the couch and plop his big head on your lap. He loves to play fetch, tug of war and catch, and already knows sit, down, stay, paw, and drop it. This middle aged gent loves a good walk, especially if you visit a park or walking trail where he can enjoy lots of new smells and his foster dad says he is generally quite polite on leash too! His foster dad also describes him as a total lovebug who is eager to give hugs and kisses all day long. Not too much is known about Rio's history! He was quite nervous and scared when he arrived at our shelter, but with some love, treats and patience he warms up well to new people and will be your best snuggle buddy when he feels safe. Rio is hanging out in foster where he feels safer; if you want to meet him, please reach out today!
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