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All about Pogo
Animal ID: 2000102131

Pogo is a 10 months old male Large Mixed Breed who weighs 23 pounds.

Pogo is available through our "Adopt From a Foster Home" program. Please email if you are interested in scheduling a meeting. Please do not make an appointment through our online booking calendar, as Pogo is not available to meet on site.

Age: 10 months
Weight: 23.9kg / 52.7lb

A little bit about Pogo:
- no kids in home
- cats / small animals unknown
- potential for select dog in home pending successful dog-to-dog

Meet Pogo, the shy but loving pup that will need a little extra help to be the best dog he can be! It takes a little bit of time for this nervous boy to warm up to new people. But with lots of treats, respecting his space, and understanding his body language, Pogo is shown to be an exceptionally loyal, cuddly companion! One of his favourite places to be is curled up next to his person getting plenty of pets and cuddles. As an energetic dog, Pogo would love plenty of enrichment, exercise, and fun training sessions! He's even been shown to play really well with dogs that can match his playstyle, so there is potential for another dog in home after a successful dog-to-dog. It's recommended that Pogo's new home is without little kids as he can get quite over-excited and children may not be able to interpret when he needs some alone time. Come learn more about this scruffy pup by making an appointment to visit Pogo today!

Note that many dogs do not reach full size until they are about a year and a half old. The weight listed here is the dog's current weight.

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