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Meet Baby Squeak

All about Baby Squeak
Animal ID: 2000013254

Baby Squeak is a male Budgie/Budgerigar bird who weighs 33 pounds.

I'M A PATIENT PAW! This means that I have been available for adoption for over 30 days, please ask about my reduced adoption fee!

Hey there! I'm Baby Squeak, a vibrant and spirited adult male budgie who is eagerly awaiting a loving forever home to call my own. With my bright and beautiful plumage that ranges from the softest blues to the most cheerful hints of yellow, I am a living work of art that will add a splash of color to your world. Like my name suggests, my cheerful chirps and occasional baby-like squeaks will fill your home with the sweet melodies of nature, reminding you of the wonders of the avian world. While I might not be hand tame just yet, I am bursting with potential and ready to learn - I just your patience and guidance. It might take a little time for me to warm up to the idea of human interaction, but my curious nature is bound to lead me toward building a special bond with the caring individual who gives me a chance! If that person could be you, book an appointment to meet me today! XOXO, Baby Squeak
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