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Meet Bilbo Baggins

All about Bilbo Baggins
Animal ID: 2000022379

Bilbo Baggins is a 11 months old male Rabbit rabbit.

**Bilbo Baggins is a Patient Paw, please ask about their reduced adoption fee!**

Looking for a lovely bun to call your very own? Well, Bilbo just happens to be looking for his forever home! As a young bunny, he'll need a lot of bunny-proofing, attention, and supervision to make sure that he stays well-socialized. But as he's already such an active and curious guy, it shouldn't be hard! Bilbo would love to have a lot of space as well as time outside of his enclosure to burn off some energy and to explore, after all he is an adventurous fellow! To prevent him from getting bored, lots of bunny-safe toys for him to nibble on, toss around, and navigate! Bilbo isn't the snuggly type and doesn't like to be held, but he is very social, loves pets and he will check in with you by giving the cutest nose boops! He is a calm bun and our bunny volunteers say he would be a great pet for a first time bunny owner. Make sure to do your research on other care requirements before you commit to adopting a bunny! Schedule an appointment and come talk to our counsellors today if Bilbo sounds like the bunny for you!
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