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Meet Marlowe

All about Marlowe
Animal ID: 2000022383

Marlowe is a male Rabbit rabbit.

** I'm a Patient Paw, so I am eligible for a sleepover and a reduced adoption fee - ask Adoptions for more details! **

Looking for something sweet to brighten up your days? Look no further because Marlowe is here! Bunnies like him enjoy having their ears stroked, forehead rubs, cheek massages and being petted from their head down their back. Did you know that rabbits aren't caged animals? They need plenty of space to stretch out and hop around! Marlowe enjoys having free time outside of his enclosure to hop around, explore, and will show off his fantastic binky skills! Like any bun, Marlowe loves to chew, so please make sure he has lots of things to chew on and keep him entertained! Items such as cardboard boxes and castles, paper tubes, jingle balls, wooden toys, baskets and other "rabbit friendly" toys are some great ideas. Talk to our counsellors to find out more about rabbits and their care requirements! Marlowe is so excited to start his life with you, make an appointment today!
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