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Meet Hannah

All about Hannah
Animal ID: 2000023699

Hannah is a female Guinea Pig small&furry who weighs 814 pounds.

** Hannah and Squeak are a bonded pair and must go home together! **

Meet Hannah and Squeak, the mother/daughter duo waiting for their turn to find their forever home! Because they get so much safety and security from one another, they are looking for a family that will take them together! Guinea pigs can make for great companions as their popcorns and wheeks will keep you entertained. They're also incredibly social once they trust their new people! Hannah and Squeak, like other guinea pigs, don't belong in cages for their whole lives, and would love the chance to get out of their enclosure every once in a while and stretch their legs. You'll also need to make sure that they have enough toys and things to chew on so that they don't get bored! Since Squeak is still so small, she will require a diet of alfalfa pellets and hay with no vegetables until she gets a bit bigger. Hannah needs a diet of timothy hay, adult pellets, a daily serving of fresh veggies, and a vitamin C supplement. Come talk to our counsellors if you need more ideas about how to house or care for these two cuties when you come to adopt them!
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