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Meet Juno

All about Juno
Animal ID: 2000024097

Juno is a male Budgie/Budgerigar bird who weighs 28 pounds.

Meet Juno, a male budgie with beautiful yellow feathers who's been on quite the adventure as a stray and is now yearning for a loving forever home. While Juno had to spend some time on his own, his golden spirit and vibrant plumage have remained undiminished. Despite the challenges he faced, Juno's resilient and loving nature shines through. Now, he's eagerly awaiting the chance to brighten your life with his presence. It might take some time for Juno to feel comfortable with his new family, so please be patient! Once he gains confidence, he can learn to sit on your finger and chatter to you. Budgies are very social birds, which means Juno might appreciate a budgie friend (as long as you are able to do a proper introduction, of course). Juno is ready to fill your life with joy and become your cherished feathered companion! Please book an appointment to adopt him soon!
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