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Meet Hamantha

All about Hamantha
Animal ID: 2000052563

Hamantha is a 2 months old female Hamster small&furry who weighs 78 pounds.

Meet Hamantha, a charming Teddy Bear Hamster in search of a loving family! This lovable little gal is filled with curiosity and charm, ready to become your newest cuddly companion.

Hamantha's diet consists of high-quality hamster pellets, supplemented by fresh vegetables, occasional fruits, and treats like sunflower seeds and mealworms in moderation.

In her ideal habitat, Hamantha thrives in a spacious cage with ample bedding for burrowing and a wheel for exercise. A cozy nesting area filled with shredded paper or hay is crucial for her comfort.

Enrich Hamantha's environment with a variety of toys like tunnels, chew toys, and a hamster ball for supervised exercise outside the cage. Add in a mini obstacle course to encourage exploration and mental stimulation.

Ready to welcome Hamantha into your home? Embrace this delightful hamster and watch her bring joy and companionship into your life!
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