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Meet Goliath

All about Goliath
Animal ID: 2000057991

Goliath is a 9 years, 1 month old male Lizard reptile who weighs 50 pounds.

Age: 9 years old
Sex: Male
Species: Gargoyle Gecko

Meet Goliath, a majestic 9-year-old Gargoyle gecko ready to grace your home with his presence! With his striking pattern and vibrant colors, Goliath is a unique and captivating companion. To keep this arboreal wonder thriving, provide a spacious tank with vertical space for climbing and hiding spots. Ensure temperatures stay between 72-80°F with high humidity (60-80%). Goliath's diet consists of a variety of gut-loaded insects, fruit purees, and commercial gecko diet. Equip his enclosure with branches, vines, and a misting system for hydration. Enhance his environment with foliage for mental stimulation. Goliath thrives on routine, making him an ideal friend for those ready to commit to the care and companionship of this enchanting reptile. Welcome Goliath into your home, and let the adventures begin!
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