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Meet Lord Grey

All about Lord Grey
Animal ID: 2000061913

Lord Grey is a male Cockatiel bird who weighs 100 pounds.


Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Hand tame: Semi hand tame
Flighted: Yes

Meet Lord Grey, a charming cockatiel with a personality as vibrant as his plumage. This feathered friend is looking for a forever home filled with love and song. Lord Grey enjoys a balanced diet of high-quality pellets, fresh fruits, and vegetables, ensuring he stays healthy and happy.

For his majestic abode, Lord Grey thrives in a spacious cage adorned with perches and toys for mental stimulation. Provide a variety of textures and materials to keep his curious mind engaged. This delightful cockatiel also appreciates daily out-of-cage time for exercise, socialization, and, most importantly, soaring through the air with glee.

Enrich Lord Grey's world with interactive toys, mirrors, and gentle music - he loves a good tune! If you're ready for a melodious companion who enjoys both the ground and the skies, Lord Grey is eager to share his cheerful melodies and charming antics with a caring family. Bring home this feathered maestro and let the symphony of joy begin!
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