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Meet Gucci

All about Gucci
Animal ID: 49677716

Gucci is a 6 years old unknown Snake reptile who weighs 7 pounds.

Age: 5 years

Hi there, I'm Gucci! I am an adult boa constrictor, about 3' (1 meter) long. With proper care I will grow to be ~3 meters long and could live to be as old as 30 years old. You and I can have a long, happy future together! I will need a designated snake room, or an extra-large enclosure that is big enough for me to stretch out in. I need an external heat source like a heat pad and lamp to keep me warm, a cozy cave to relax in, a water bowl large enough for me to soak in, and lots of mice to keep me well fed. As you can tell, I need some special care, so I am looking for a human who has experience with reptiles or has done their research! Do you have a nice sized enclosure for me to slither around in? I'm your snake!

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