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Meet Emmy

All about Emmy
Animal ID: 51791645

Emmy is a female Rabbit rabbit.

My name's Emmy, and once you meet me, I'll be sure to hop on into your heart!! I'm an energetic and sweet little bun that would love ample space to be able to roam and do some binkies (since bunnies don't belong in cages our whole lives). I'm also quite curious and can be a little mischievous at times, so make sure that my space is properly bunny-proofed! As an active chewer, having bunny-safe toys for me to nibble on will help me keep my teeth nice and short. It will also save your furniture from becoming my chew things!! Since I'm what's known as a grazer, I need 24/7 access to hay that I can eat whenever I get peckish. Then some pellets to help make sure I'm getting all of the nutrients I need. And fresh green veggies every day! Save any fruit or sugary veggies (like carrots) as a special treat for me, since my body isn't made to digest sugars. That's all from me! Come make an appointment and say hi! But don't blame me when you end up taking me home with you!
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