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Meet Posh Spice

All about Posh Spice
Animal ID: 51823812

Posh Spice is a 7 months old female Hamster small&furry who weighs 56 pounds.

Hi there, I'm Posh Spice! I'm sweet curious hamster who LOVES to dig in my bedding and go through tubes and tunnels. I also really love to run on my wheel. I like to get pets but am still learning that it's okay to be picked up. I am also startled by fast movements and surprises, so I need a family that can go slow with me and take their time getting me used to being handled. I will be a happy camper as long as you clean my cage every day, feed me seeds, and I will never turn down a treat or two. I need ample space to run and play, and the continuous floor space of my enclosure is important for this. I require an enclosure that is at least 450 square inches of continuous floor space, but bigger is always better! I would love to meet you, so come by the shelter and tell them Posh Spice sent you!
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